Letters from the Pacific # 4

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Letter # 4

Somewhere in New Guinea Dec 21, 1944

Dear Mom,
It must feel funny to receive so many letters from me but thatís all I have to do. Unfortunately there isnít anything to write about or Iíd probably write every day.

Yesterday our navigator went to the hospital with a slight case of malaria. Because of this we will probably be delayed one more week. As it is, weíve been here too long because the sooner we get started the sooner weíll come home. The method of rotation they use here is the point system. The total number of points needed to go home is 100. The points are given this way.

1 Point for every five hours of flight
2 Points- ant-aircraft fire by the enemy
5 Points- any member of the squadron being hit by anti- aircraft fire
2 Points- for enemy fighter interception
20 Points- if you have to walk or swim back to the base.
That means a crash landing on land or water

By the way, I donít think I mentioned it but this is an Australian base and we use Australian money as a means of exchange. We even get paid in that money. Another thing is that all vehicles drive on the left side of the road. Iíve finally gotten used to the money and traffic. For a while I couldnít figure out which side of the road to walk on but now it comes easy.

Thatís about all for now so Iíll say goodbye. My regards to all

Love Avy

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