Letters from the Pacific # 5

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Letter # 5

Somewhere in New Guinea Sunday Dec 24, 1944

Dear Mom,
I received my first mail yesterday in over a month and I might add that I had been looking forward to that moment anxiously. All in all I received twelve letters of which eight were yours. Your letters run from November 22 to December 6. I suppose there will be many more following.

In your letter of November 22 you suppose I'll write once in a blue moon. I figure that is taken care of already. You won't have to worry on that count because I figure on doing plenty of writing before I come home again.

I was just looking at one of your V mail letters which, by the way, have not been photographed and I noticed how peculiar your printing looks alongside your long hand writing. I thought at first someone else had addressed the letter but I saw that I was mistaken. I don't recall ever seeing a sample of your printing and the difference amazed me. The letter I'm referring to is the one in which you give me Bill O'Rourkes address.

I'm now referring to your letter of December 1 where you state that you've received my letter with the information on my personal affairs. I think that check list is very complete and it's for your own protection so you'll know just what you have coming in case anything should happen to me. The Dollar Savings Bank will probably notify you of the receipt of the allotment but it might be wise if you were to go over there and tell them about it. That would save any confusion that might arise.

In your letter of December 2 you want me to request a package. I don't want it mailed until you receive word from me. When I'm assigned to another outfit and have a permanent APO address instead of this temporary one I'll advise you and you can send me all the packages you can. The following is a list of what I want.

Peanut butter, jam or jelly, canned foods such as juices (any kind except tomato or V8) sardines, etc. You know just what I like. You can even send canned vegetables. A roll or two of toilet paper might come in handy. Don't send me anything that will spoil or get stale because it has to travel half way around the world to reach me

Your letter of December 4. I won't be able to use my checkbook while overseas so the $75.00 a month allotment to the Bronx County Trust will add up. Please feel free to use any of that money whenever you have to because it's doing no good sitting where it is. What I might do is send you a check from time to time to transfer to my savings account One thing I intend to do is to have plenty of money in the bank when I come home for good. If anything should happen to me I'm sure you will be fixed for the rest of your life. That happens to be my first ambition, to see that you're well taken care of. I'm really very sorry that I can't be present at Gladys' wedding because I really want to. She has been like a sister to me and that's an event I'd really like to see in person I don't think it will be too long before you have a noisy house again. You'll probably have your three sons arguing with each other like the devil before many more months have passed.

Your letter of December 6. I'd advise you to send the letters airmail because it will be faster and you can write more. You acknowledge the receipt of my foot locker but you never acknowledged the receipt of my valise which I sent home from Tonopah. I sent it Railway Express on or about November 16 from Tonopah. If you have not received it as yet please check into it.

That takes care of all your letters so now I'll write what I intended to write

The first thing is that insurance policy. When you receive the policy I want you to check up on this particular item. From the way it was explained to me I'd say it would be most advantageous for me to pay up as much of the policy as I can. By doing that I'll reach the cash value sooner and in case I find myself unable to keep it any longer I'll be able to realize a profit on my money. Find out whether that's true or not.

I almost forgot to ask you when Gladys' wedding is to take place. I was under the impression that she would wait for a while but I guess not. That's her business and not mine. Please send me her new address as soon as possible.

After all my allotments etc. are taken out of my pay I'll still have about $115.00 for myself. This is more than enough so don't be surprised to find money orders coming in for me.

Among the mail that I received yesterday is one letter from Ben. I suppose I'll receive plenty more from him in the next batch of mail I get.

I'm trying like heck to stretch this letter to ten pages and I think I'll succeed. This is about the longest letter I've ever written but that's only so far. I'll probably be able to write more when I receive more mail.

That's about all I have to say for the present so I'll say goodbye. My regards to all

Love Avy

P.S. Best wishes of the season to all

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