Letters from the Pacific # 3

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Letter # 3

Somewhere in New Guinea Dec 18, 1944

Dear Mom,
Itís now 6:20 in the morning and I decided to write a letter. So far I havenít heard from you in a month but Iíll probably have a dozen letters when my mail comes thru.

It gets dark here quite early. We have outdoor movies and they start at 6:30. That shows you how early it gets dark. Iíve been going to bed by nine oíclock every night except two since Iíve been here and have been getting up at six every morning. The nights are quite comfortable and I have to cover myself with a blanket every night. The days are hot and sticky and I do plenty of sweating. I take a salt tablet every day and an atabrine tablet also. That keeps me from down with malaria.

The other day we went coconut hunting. We went to a native village and hired a few natives to climb the trees. We paid them a shilling and a cigarette apiece. The natives around here are crazy about cigarettes and most of them will work for you for one cigarette. It was very amusing to watch their antics. They are all quite small and are very agile. They tie their feet together with grass and climb the trees in that manner.

Thatís about all I have to say for the present so Iíll say goodbye. My regards to all

Love Avy

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