Letters from the Pacific # 34

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Letter # 34

March 20, 1945 Tuesday

Dear Mom,
I received you letters of March 5th and March 8th this evening an am going to answer them while it is still light enough to write.

That $1437.59 balance in my savings account will increase by $350.00 when you receive the check from the government. They have a new system instead of sending money orders through I pay the money to the Army Finance over here and they send San Francisco an air mail letter authorizing them to mail you a check. That prevents a money order from going astray.

So far I've only received that one package from you. I hope that rest of them will arrive in a good condition also I'm anxious to receive all the packages that were sent to me because there are about twelve of them in the mails now. One of these fine days I'll go to the mail tent and come back with my arms full. I hope that day will come soon.

There isn't very much in your letters that I can comment on so I'll write briefly about life here. Once in a while I get up for breakfast but most of the time I sleep until about nine o"clock. The meals aren't too good and sometimes I skip a meal which shouldn't be news to you.

It's getting pretty dark now so I'd better close.

My regards to all

Love Avy

P.S. Send me Aunt Bessie's address.

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