Letters from the Pacific # 35

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Letter # 35

March 24, 1945 Saturday

Dear Mom,
I just felt like writing a letter and couldn't figure out who to write so I decided to write to you. I haven't received any mail from you in a few days but when I go to nail this letter I'll probably find a few letters waiting for me.

So far I've only received one package from you but the rest are undoubtedly somewhere in the Pacific. I think there are some unsorted packages in the mailroom and I might have a few.

To date there is no change in my missions or in the weather. I still have sixteen missions and it's still dry. The dust is starting to get a little annoying. About thirty minutes rain every afternoon would be perfect.

Jerry's mail is starting to roll in now. I've had quite a few letters from him with all sorts of dates on them. I received a letter from him last night and he said that he just received two of my letters. One was dated Sept. 6th and the other was dated Feb. 7th.

Quite a spread there.

That's about all I have to say for the present so I'll say s'long.

My regards to all

Love Avy

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