Letters from the Pacific # 33

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Letter # 33

March 16, 1945 Friday

Dear Mom,
Haven't written you in the few days because we moved again. We're now at a new location and can reach plenty of targets with ease.

I now have 15 missions completed for a total of 132:25 combat hours or 30.5 points. I've accumulated these points since January 3rd when I flew my first mission with the squadron.

Please note the new APO number. It's now 74 instead of 72. Now I'll elaborate a little on the terrain and the weather. Right now we're in the dry season. The ground is just like sand and every time a truck drives past it raises a cloud of dust. It's a far cry from our last base where there was plenty of rain and mud. They claim the rainy season will start in another six weeks. The ground is very flat except for some mountains in the distance.

There are a few towns nearby where we can get steaks, fried chicken and ice cream. The prices are terrific but it's something new.

When we get set up we're going to have the natives build us bamboo frames for our tents with split bamboo floors. At the present time the natives are building us a mess hall out of bamboo and when they're finished they're going to build an officer's club and then work on our tents.

That's about all for now so I'll say s'long.

My regards to all

Love Avy

P.S. There is $350.00 on the way home.

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