Letters from the Pacific # 32

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Letter # 32

March 11, 1945 Sunday

Dear Mom,
Well, here it is Sunday morning but it seems like any other day of the week. Ever since Tonopah the days of the week had little or no meaning because of our training schedule and now they mean nothing because of the war. By rights I should still be sleeping after a hard Saturday night but unfortunately I spent a quiet Saturday night at a movie and went to sleep at 11 pm.

I flew my fourteenth mission yesterday and have 125:00 hours to my credit for a total of 28 points. I'd like to fly every other day and get out of here as soon as possible but unfortunately there are quite a few who have the same idea. Therefore everybody has to take his turn.

Yesterday we flew through a couple of rain storms and barely managed to stay dry. There are several places where a B 24 leaks and the nose is one of them. While I was on the bombing run the wind was blowing a fine spray of rain right on my face. That never makes me feel comfortable. After I dropped my bombs I went back to the flight deck, had my lunch and went to sleep. I caught about two hours sleep on the way back from the target. Incidentally I put all my bombs in the target area.

It rained a little bit yesterday so the ground is a little moist. It's not muddy as it was when we arrived here and it's not too dry so that we have to eat dust. From the looks of the sky this morning we'll have some more rain today. I wish I'd get some of thos packages with reading material so I can keep myself busy during the day.

That's about all I have to say for the present so I'll say s'long.

My regards to all

Love Avy

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