Letters from the Pacific # 26

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Letter # 26

February 20, 1945 Tuesday

Dear Mom,

I have your V-mail letters of Jan. 24th, 29th and 31st and was very glad to hear from you. I'm sick and tired of trying to read V-mail letters and if I get anymore I'm going to send them back to you unopened. My chief objections to V-mail letters are you can't write enough, it takes twice as long to come across than air mail and they're hard to read. In the future please write air mail.

My mail may come in slowly but I'm writing two and three times a week.

Sometimes it might be delayed here in the Philippines but you'll receive them eventually so don't worry. I didn't fly yesterday and there was no mission scheduled for today so I'm having two days of leisure. I complain if I fly too often and I complain if I have nothing to do.

Three new crews have arrived in the squadron in the past few days so the flying should be more evenly distributed.

I have Jerry's new address but I wish I'd get a letter from him. I don't understand what's holding my mail from reaching him but I do know that he hasn't been writing me or I'd have received mail from him by this time. If he had written to any of my past addresses the letters would have reached me by this time. Another solution would be to address the letter to home and you would forward it on.

I'm very much afraid the Jewish holidays will mean nothing to me until I get home. I haven't given them a thought since I left the states. I've only one thought and that is to do whatever I have to and get home again. That thought is uppermost in my mind and my every motion is pointed in that direction.

We've had occasional rains in the last few days but not enough to be too annoying. Last night was pleasantly cool and I slept without a mosquito net for the first time since New Guinea. This morning it rained again but the air is cool and that compensates for a lot of dampness.

I'm glad Ben will be able to get home in April. I suppose that after he returns from his liberty he'll be assigned to a ship and put out to sea. If that happens you'll have the three of us out of the states.

That's about all I have to say for the present so I'll say s'long

My regards to all

Love Avy

P.S. Please let me know if you have received any of the Jap invasion money or guerilla I sent home and please let me know my bank balances and bond total.

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