Letters from the Pacific # 25

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Letter # 25

February 18, 1945

Dear Mom,
I have your V-mail letters of Jan. 19th, 22nd, and 26th and I'll endeavor to answer them. I wish you would stop writing V-mail as they are difficult to read and more can be written air mail.

I noticed that you finally received the folder from Hawaii. I couldn't understand why it took so long because I mailed it from Honolulu on Dec. 4th. I can't wait until I get home and participate in all the entertainment although I've made up my mind to one thing and that is time is going to be my own and I'm not accepting dinner invitations from anybody when I get home. In the past I've had very few evenings to myself due to invitations forced on me. Why I'm discussing that matter now is beyond me because it will be quite awhile before I get home.

I had no idea the Uncle Jack intended going east because nothing was said while I was there although that was a month before the wedding. Esther never mentioned it in her letters so it was a surprise to me. So far I haven't heard from Jerry since October and I wonder if he has forgotten about me.

I really miss the ice and snow back home and can't wait until I can walk in a snowstorm again. I suppose it will be a repetition of my stay in Florida when I froze when I came home in November. Ben told me about proposing Jerry in the lodge and I hope I'll be there when he gets his degrees.

I flew again yesterday and now have ten missions for a total of 88:30 hours or 19.7 points. I am now 20% of the way through and I hope I'll continue. Yesterdays mission was 11:35 hours long and I saw anti-aircraft fire for the third time. Three out of ten isn't bad at all.

That's about all for now so I'll say s'long.

My regards to all

Love Avy

P.S. How about getting me some film size 116?

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