Letters from the Pacific # 24

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Letter # 24

February 14, 1945

Dear Mom,
I intended to write to you yesterday but we came back late from a long mission. It was my ninth mission and brought my total hours up to 76:55. This gives me a total of 16.4 points towards my necessary 100. I'm flying again tomorrow but it will probably will be only a six hour mission. I'm flying in the ship we flew across which will be the first time I stepped into it since December 9.

I've received two more of your letters dated Jan. 15th and Jan. 17th which had the letter from Frank Law enclosed. So far I haven't received any packages and I don't know when they will start coming in. I've heard from Ben since his promotion and congratulated him on it. I wish Jerry would come home so I'd feel a lot easier. I haven't heard from him in such a long time that I wonder if he's alright. Ben sent me two of his V-mail letters and that's the first time I've seen his handwriting since November.

I've been keeping a record of all my bombing missions. I've kept track of the date, target, bomb load and time of flight so I should have some interesting stories to tell.

So far all my targets have been in the Philippines but it won't be long before we start hitting targets a lot nearer Japan proper. I've got target pictures of some of my missions which I'll mail home as soon as possible

I've got quite an extensive correspondence with people all over the world so I'm doing plenty of writing. I write to twenty people and so far I've written 33 letters for this month. I was averaging 3 1/2 letter per day but my mail has slacked off so consequently my writing has too.

I'll write two more letters tonight to Ben and Jerry and call it a night.

Take care of yourself and regards to all

Love Avy

P.S. Please stop writing V-Mail as I'm going blind trying to rear your handwriting. I'm enclosing your letter of Jan. 17th to show you what I mean.

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