Letters from the Pacific # 27

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Letter # 27

February 23, 1945 Friday

Dear Mom,
I received your letter of Feb. 10th this afternoon so it only took thirteen days to get to me. That's not bad at all and it's a lot better than V-mail. V-mail takes a week longer and is too short.

I hope you send those reprints soon because some of the boys have been asking me about them. Let me know how much they are and I'll send you the money.

I'm sending you two pictures that were taken in Reno, Nevada in the early part of November. They are Lt. and Mrs. Charles S. Boyer of Union, New Jersey. He is the pilot of a B-24 who is now in India. We went through training together at Tonopah. They are a very nice couple and we had a lot of fun in Nevada. I used to play bridge with them at the Officer's Club at Tonopah.

So far I haven't received any packages and I don't know when they will start coming in. I suppose I should be getting them in March but I can't be sure. I only hope that they arrive in a fairly decent condition.

So far I haven't heard from Jerry. I know the types he writes because I did receive a few last year. I think it's a damn shame that he writes such poor letters. I remember when I had a hard time writing once a week but now I find no difficulty in writing three or four times a week. If I don't write too hurriedly, which I'm doing now, my handwriting is even legible. That also is a far cry to what it was.

It's inevitable that the men in the army and navy go overseas. The faster they go over the sooner the rest of the boys will come back and the sooner we'll all be home for good. That's the thing I'm really looking forward to. I think I've been in the army long enough. Feb 26th will start my fourth year with Uncle Sam and Feb. 19th started me on my third year as a 2nd Lt. I hope to come home a 1st Lt.

So far I haven't flown since the beginning of the week. I've still got my ten missions and 88:30 hours but I'm scheduled for tomorrow and I should reach and possibly pass the one hundred hour mark. That gets me one Air Medal. You get an Air Medal for every one hundred hours so I'll probably get four at least. In place of the last three I'll get three clusters. Instead of handing out all those medals they give oak leaf clusters so that one person won't receive too many.

The weather has been pretty nice lately with very little rain. Most of the time it rains at night or in the early morning but I rarely get up for breakfast anyhow.

Well, that's about all for now so I'll say s'long.

My regards to all

Love Avy

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