Letters from the Pacific # 45

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Letter # 45

April 23, 1945

Dear Mom,
Well, it's finally happened. I received two more packages both of which have reading material in them. There was only one thing I objected to and that was the number of movie magazines in the packages. You must have received the from Aunt Lily and Anita because they are the only two who are such movie fans.

The missions are climbing up fast because I flew two of them yesterday. When I landed yesterday afternoon I was told I was flying again at night. I now have a total of 23 missions to my credit for a total of 192:55 hours. I slept all afternoon and even now I am yawning. If it was up to me I'd fly every other day until I finished up or collapsed from exhaustion but unfortunately, it's not up to me.

I also received your letters of April 9th and 10th which I have before me.

I had borrowed the Red Raider stamp to put on all my stationery and now that I have exhausted that supply I can't locate the stamp. This outfit is still called the Red Raiders and has been since the war began.

It would very nice if Ben got stationed permanently in the States, especially near home. At least one of us would be available at all times. He wrote me about his promotion to ART 2/C which is equivalent to a staff sergeant in the army.

That's about all I have to say for the present so I'll say goodbye. The handwriting isn't my best because I'm tired.

My regards to all

Love Avy

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