Letters from the Pacific # 42

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Letter # 42

April 14, 1945 Monday

Dear Mom,
I received two more of your letters yesterday dated March 23rd and 31st but so far you haven't acknowledged my letter where I told you I was sending $350.00 to you. Evidently you haven't received the $350.00 either because you haven't mentioned it in any of your letters.

So far I've received that one package from you and I'm still waiting patiently for the rest. A lot of packages came in the past two days but none for me. I might get some in the next few days.

I've still got only nineteen missions to my credit. I'll probably fly tomorrow. We've got so many crews in that I can only hope to fly five times a month at best. Leaves to Australia are now out so that I may not go on leave at all. In that case I should be home before Xmas and possibly some time in November.

Our tent was completed yesterday and I must say that it looks swell. It's made from bamboo and is very cool and comfortable. There are space between the floor boards so there should be a constant change of air all day long. We had closets made with hangers for our clothes and cabinets for our accessories. All I all the tent is neat and roomy. As soon as I get your packages with the film, I'll take a picture of the tent.

I'm enclosing some Japanese money that I want you to hold for me. I'm slowly gathering a nice collection of all types of money.

That's all I have to say for the present so I'll say s'long.

My regards to all

Love Avy

P.S. Please let me know about the $350.00.
There are 9 bills enclosed.


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