Letters from the Pacific # 41

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Letter # 41

April 11, 1945 Monday

Dear Mom,
I received three letters from you yesterday dated March 21st, 26th and 29th.

I probably won't receive any for another few days and then about three or four more.

Yes, I took that bottle of Four Roses. I took it when I was home on leave from Carlsbad and carried it with me to Fresno. Don't worry about my drinking over here. I've lost my capacity for liquor because I haven't had any and then I'm not to sure of the local product. I think I can wait until I get home.

I wish I could be home for Passover because there are a few things I miss.

I miss those sponge cakes and fried matzoh and about 1000 other things too numerous to mention. This is going to be the longest stretch that I was ever away from home. I believe I left home August 9th and It will be close to eighteen months before I see you again. That's a long time in any man's language but especially for me since I was hardly ever away from home.

I'm allowed to say that I've visited Manila which gives you a rough idea of where I am. I can't pinpoint myself so you'll have to be satisfied with that information. So far I've only received that one package from you. When I received it I thought the rest would follow soon but so far I haven't seen hide nor hair of any of them. I wish they'd hurry up and arrive because I have nothing to read. I'll be busy the next few days because we're having the natives build our tent. I'll be the only one here tomorrow so I'm going to oversee the job.

That's about all for now so I'll say s'long.

My regards to all

Love Avy

P.S. Send me another package.

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