Letters from the Pacific # 38

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Letter # 38

April 2, 1945 Monday

Dear Mom,
Well, a new month started yesterday and it brings me that much closer to home. In fact every day brings me closer and going home is the uppermost thought in my mind.

The letter I'm answering is yours of March 16th and I'm very glad to note that you have not lost your touch with the oven. I'll certainly put you to the test when I get home.

I received a letter from Ben at the same time yours came and by the time this reaches you he should be home. I won't write him until I get a new address so this will suffice for the two of you. There isn't anything that I have to say to him in particular anyhow.

I flew again yesterday and now have a total of eighteen missions to my credit for 150 combat hours or 35 points. If I keep up the same pace I should be home for Christmas and New Years.

Don't misunderstand me when I said I have a destructive nature. I'm still a civilian at heart and can never be a good soldier. Killing, at the present, is just a nasty job that must be done with whatever means are on hand. I use bombs while others use guns. I have the satisfaction of knowing that when my bombs burst I'm decreasing the length of time required to finish the war. By doing damage both to personnel and equipment I save someone's life in a future engagement. For all I know that life may belong to either Ben or Jerry so that makes my job all the more important. I'm quite sure that I'm not the only one with such views.

I received a letter from Frank Law yesterday and he tells me that one of the student officers, who went through training with me and is in combat in England, went down with his plane. It was very unfortunate because he has a young baby approximately eight months old at home. I feel better when I realize that I have no such ties as that.

That's all I have to say for the present so I'll say goodbye.

My regards to all

Love Avy

P.S. You'll have to excuse the morbidness of this letter. My pen just wanted to write it that way.

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