Letters from the Pacific # 37

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Letter # 37

March 28, 1945 Wednesday

Dear Mom,
I received your letter of March 2nd yesterday and those of March 12th and 14th yesterday. Since I just wrote you and nothing new has happened since then I'll just comment on your letters.

I received several pictures from Jerry showing some points of interest. As soon as I receive the film you sent me I'll take some pictures of this neck of the woods.

So Abbie is finally going overseas. I should think it was about time because he's been in about four years now. I hope Arthur will be sent overseas. I'd really like to see him go because he objected to it so much. Don't tell Mrs. Rosen or the Chaits I said that because I don't think they'd like it.

Please keep sending your letters air mail because some of them arrive in twelve days. I'll say it again, please don't worry if you don't hear from me because the mail is almost always delayed and I'm writing three and sometimes four times a week.

I case you don't know what a B-24 looks like you can pick up almost any newspaper or Life magazine a see a picture of it. Its nickname is the "Liberator" and has two tails and four engines. Bennett will show you a picture of one if you're still in doubt,

I haven't received my air medal as yet but I expect to when the next awards come through. We'll probably have a presentation of awards in the near future here on the field. In case I haven't already told you we are near Manila and I've already paid a visit to the city. It's pretty well banged up. When I receive the film you sent me I'll take some pictures of the place when I visit there again.

The days here are very warm but the nights are cold. Sometimes I wake up freezing but I've been used to that by this time. The coolness at night helps me sleep better and that's one thing I'm getting plenty of SLEEP.

I should be pretty well rested by the time I get home.

That's about all for now so I'll say s'long.

My regards to all

Love Avy

P.S. Please let me know how your health is. Don't forget you're the only mother I have and I want you to keep well.

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