Letter to Mom from War Dept #2

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Letter # 2

 May 23, 1945

Allied Air Forces
Southwest Pacific Area
Officer of the Commander

Mrs. Sadie Berman
2486 Devoe Terrace
New York, N.Y.
 Dear Mrs. Berman,
Recently your son, Lieutenant Abraham Berman, was decorated with the Air Medal. It was an award made in recognition of courageous service to his combat organization, his fellow American airmen, his country, his home and to you.
He was cited for meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flights in the Southwest Pacific area on December 24, 1944 to February 26, 1945.
Your son took part in sustained operational flight missions during which hostile contact was probable and expected. These flights included bombing missions against enemy installations, shipping and supply bases, and aided considerably in the recent successes in this theatre.
Almost every hour of every day your son, and the sons of other American mothers, are doing just such things as that here in the Southwest Pacific.
Theirs is a very real and very tangible contribution to victory and to peace.
I would like to tell you how genuinely proud I am to have men such as your son in my command, and how gratified I am to know that young Americans with such courage and resourcefulness are fighting our country's battle against the aggressor nations.
You, Mrs. Berman, have every reason to share that pride and gratification.

George C. Kenney
General, United States Army

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