Berman Family Pictures

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Bernice, Avy, Alan and Larry family and friends

Avy Mom and Jerry

Bernice and Avy 1946

Mom Meyer, Bernice and Mom Berman 1947

A young Bernice

A young Bernice

A young Avy on the way home from World War II

Alan and Larry

Alan's Bar Mitzvah 1965

Avy working on a set of plans

Whitey of Whitestone 1964

Whitestone - left to right
Tony Luciano, Bernie Lowell, Avy, George Gellman,
Bernice, Martha Lowell, Ethel Luciano

Three Sisters
Esther Fleishman, Mom Berman and Lily Hoffman

Bernice and Avy in front of 147-19 7th Ave. Whitestone 57 New York

Alan and Danica


Alan and Danica

1926 Warwick Hills Drive

Bernice and Ethel

Bernice, Avy and Ethel

Bernice Avy and Danica

Mary and Larry wedding 30 Oct 1987

Bernice and Avy 1994

Dinner at Giovanni's
Capturing their personalities....

The Bernice everyone knew and remembered
The last time she cooked luction kugel

Avy's 80th birthday

Avy's eyes

Avy after knee replacement surgery

A photo of Avy's knee implant

Avy's smile that everyone remembers

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