Letters from the Pacific # 69

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Letter # 69

August 26, 1945

Dear Mom,
I'm writing this letter while flying up to Okinawa so that should account for my shaky handwriting. Most of the squadron has been up there for the past two weeks while I've been loafing around on Luzon.

There is absolutely nothing to write about because we don't know what our status is. There is an overage of crews in the squadron and if they send them home on seniority, I should be on one of the first lists to go home. At the present time I am the second oldest bombardier in the squadron (length of time with the squadron and not age). When I join the squadron this afternoon I may get some concrete facts. At the present time I have 96 points toward discharge. The original basis for discharge was 85 points which pertained to everybody except Air Corps personnel. When that came out in May they had no idea that Japan would give up so soon but now that the war is over, I imagine things will be different. Anyway, here's hoping.

That's about all I have to day for the present so I'll say so long. Will write again tomorrow if I can get definite information.

My regards to all

Love Avy

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