Letters from the Pacific # 61

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Letter # 61

July 3, 1945

Dear Mom,
The reason I haven't written in the past ten days is that I was away from my base for that length of time. We went to another base to hit targets in Borneo and I had no letter writing facilities with me. When I returned here I found four letters from you dated June12th, 17th, 19th and 21st.

Since I last wrote my missions have jumped to 38 and my hours to 329:00. I now have a total of 86.8 points and I hope to finish flying this month.

I received a package from you yesterday containing two packages of marshmallows, 1 can of fruit cocktail and that's all I remember. I hope that you've stopped sending me packages because I won't be here to receive them.

I received a phone call from Manny Feigin the other night and I'm going down to Manila to see him Friday night. I was very surprised to hear his voice over the telephone. I was expecting to hear from him ever since you wrote me that he was somewhere in this area.

I finally received those pictures you sent me. They arrived yesterday and I was really surprised to see them. I gave them to the men in my crew. Evidently 1st class mail takes a long time because it took about 3 months to reach me.

Don't believe that letter you received from the army about my award. Those medals are very common and everybody goes home with about four. I expect four and quite a few battle stars. I'll have quite a few ribbons on when I get home.

It's now time to eat lunch so I'll say s'long.

My regards to all

Love Avy

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