Letters from the Pacific # 53

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Letter # 53

May 27, 1945

Dear Mom,
Before I go any further I want to apologize for not having written sooner. I've been quite lazy in the last ten days and as a result I have a large batch of letters to answer. Yours, of course, are first.

To begin with, I have received three letters and three packages from you in the past week. The letter are dated May 8th, 10th and 15th. The contents of the packages are as follows:
1 Package contained only comic sheets
1 Package contained sardines, film, pineapple paste, nuts, etc.
1 Package pineapple juice (2) and a carton of cigarettes

You can judge from the contents of those packages just when they were mailed.

I flew mission #28 yesterday which happened to be a very short mission. I now have a total of 230:15 combat hours or 57 points. I acted in the capacity of flight leader again and will lead for the remainder of my stay with the squadron. So far there is no conformation of my being next in line for the job of squadron bombardier and I'll probably have to wait until the present holder finishes combat. He has close to 95 points and it shouldn't be much longer.

I received a letter from Jerry recently and he gives me his address as
2960th Reinf. Co. Prov
6964th Reinf. Bn. Prov
6960th Reinf. Depot
APO 269

His letter was dated April 25th and I don't know which is the later address. I'll probably hear from him again in the near future and will know for sure which is the latest.

So far I have 64 points toward my discharge and will have more by the time I finish flying. That was computed on the basis of 39 months in the army, 5 months overseas, 3 campaigns and 1 award. I figure that I should have about 20 more points when my tour of duty over here is completed. In the meantime I have a job to do which prevents me from leaving even if I had the necessary 85 points. I don't believe any Air Corps personnel now flying in war zones will be permitted to go home until they finish combat.

I'll now answer the two P.S.'s in your letter of May 10th. The candy and the nuts bear up under the strain too well. The raisins came thru in good shape as did all the cans and glassware. Don't request any dividends from the N. Y. Life Insurance Co.

I intend to let them pile up and draw interest for me. I might use them for a premium payment when the amount becomes large enough. Make sure that interest accrues on those dividends. I'm glad you're keeping tabs on my insurance payments because I intend to pay up as much as I can before the war is over. After I come home we'll have a big discussion about my insurance policies. I'll have to convert my $10,000 that I now have and I want to make the wisest move. I'm to get some data about converting the policy while I'm here so I'll know what it's all about.

That's about all I have to say for the present so I'll say s'long.

My regards to all

Love Avy

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