Letters from the Pacific # 51

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Letter # 51

May 16, 1945

Dear Mom,
I received another package today and it was addressed to APO 713-1. The package contained pineapple juice, cigarettes, candy and corned beef. Little by little I'm assembling a grocery store for a future feast.

Yesterday I flew my 27th mission which brings ma to a total of 226:30 combat hours. As I told you in my last letter this mission was my first as a flight leader. The mission was successful and the target was destroyed.

You've probably read about the new point system for discharge from the Army. At the present time I have 59 points of a necessary 85. Air Corps personnel will not be discharged because of their importance in the Pacific war. So far the brunt of the war out here has been on the Navy first and the Air Corps second and finally on the ground forces. There is still plenty of air power needed for our coming offensives.

I just looked thru my unanswered correspondence and found your letter of May 3rd which I received yesterday. When I finally get home I expect to get a 45 day leave before reporting for duty again. That's a long leave and I'll go crazy trying to keep myself occupied during that period.

I suppose you're anxious to know just how many points I have. To date I have 56.3 points which I have accumulated in 4 1/2 months of combat flying. I had a definite reason for withholding the number of points I had but will tell you when I get home.

There isn't much more I can say so I'll say goodbye.

My regards to all

Love Avy

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