Letters from the Pacific # 20

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Letter # 20

February 5, 1945

Dear Mom,
I received four more letters from you today dated Dec. 28, Jan 2-4-6. I wish you wouldn't write V-mail anymore because when your handwriting is photographed it's very hard to read. In fact I have to strain my eyes to read it so please write air mail and besides, you can write a lot more.

I would really appreciate a little winter instead of this weather we're having. That's one of the things I miss. Everything seems so wrong to me, for instance, December and January should be cold and instead it's warm. We should have snow and sleet and instead it's raining and warm. I suppose I'll dislike winter for awhile because my blood will be pretty well thinned out by the time I get home.

I'm very glad to hear that you had a nice New Years party. I would have loved to be present but unfortunately I'm here instead of there. I hope that insurance matter are settled satisfactorily. If you have my letter from Tonopah telling you about the benefits of the policy you'll see that paying a years premium within a certain of time I can save approximately 6% on my premiums. That in addition to dividends should reduce the policy considerably. It is my intention to pay up the policy to a point where the cash value will exceed the money paid in and then if I ever have to cancel it for financial reasons I'll at least have my money back plus interest. I figured I would pay up as much as possible while I'm drawing so much money and that would leave me that much less after the war in case I find it difficult finding a job. My earnings now are almost $90.00 a week and it's going to be hard taking a position for $20.00 or $25.00 a week altho plenty of others will have the same idea.

Sometimes the thought of post war conditions frighten me because I don't know what I'm going to do when I finally come home for good. There's no sense worrying about that now so I'll stop on that subject.

Please let me know the status of both my bank balances as I am trying to keep track of them over here. I hope the Dollar Savings Bank is receiving my allotments of $75.00 a month.

I don't think I'll see Manny Feigin because when I do go to Australia on leave I'll go to Sydney and that's quite a distance from Townsville and Darwin. I'll probably get home before he will because the tour of duty of a flying officer is a lot less than a ground officer.

The army is putting out feelers for post war commissions in the regular army and the organized reserve. I've requested a reserve commission in the Signal Corps for after the war. That means devoting two weeks a year and that's all unless emergency occurs.

How many packages have you sent to me so far? I haven't the faintest idea when I receive my packages but if you sent anything it I hope it's in cans because it will probably be crushed if it's in any sort of a box.

That's about all for now so I'll say goodbye.

My regards to all

Love Avy

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