Letters from the Pacific # 18

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Letter # 18

February 1, 1945

Dear Mom,
Today I've reached my first quarter of a century. I think I'm starting to realize that I'm not getting any younger but I figure on plenty of years to come.

I received four more of your letters dated December 14-16-24-26. I'll answer these letters in rotation.

I received a set of snapshots from Aunt Esther and I'll keep them as you have a set. So the family is wining and dining you, eh? you'd better watch out or you'll lose that schoolgirl figure.

I've heard from Freddy recently and he wrote me that he had another attack of malaria. I've been taking atabrine regularly, one pill per day, since I hit malarial country. I hope I won't get an attack over here and still more, I hope none breaks out on me at home when I finally do get home. I'd like to be home to wear those clothes right now instead of in this uncomfortable mud. At least I sleep dry as our tent is 2 1/2 feet off the ground.

I'm very glad to hear that the wedding was such a success. You still haven't told me where it took place. That was one wedding I particularly wanted to attend because Gladys has bee just like a sister to Ben, Jerry and myself. When I first heard about the engagement I thought the wedding would take place much later than it did but I was way off.

I'd much prefer it if you wrote to me via air mail. You can write much more than on a V mail form. In this last batch of letters I received one from a friend of mine in New Jersey who was with me in Tonopah. This fellow's wife went back home when we left Tonopah for San Francisco and she took the film with her when she went home. These pictures were taken in Reno when we had a few days off. These people have a funny name and I didn't believe it at first. They are Lt. & Mrs. Charles Boyer. How's that for a coincidence?

That takes care of your mail so I'll start in on our present conditions. I had dinner at a Navy battalion and had ice cream for the first time in a long time. I even had two portions. We had plenty of rain again today and the mud is just as thick and deep as ever. One of these fine days it will stop raining and everything will have a chance to dry up. I suppose that will be when hell freezes over.

That's about all for now so s'long.

My regards to all

Love Avy

P.S. Keep the negatives and prints that I mailed you yesterday at home. Just send me the 99 copies.

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