Letters from the Pacific # 1

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Letter # 1

Somewhere in New Guinea December 1, 1944

Dear Mom,
As you can probably see Iím now in New Guinea. This is not my permanent address yet because we havenít been assigned to a unit as yet.

We flew our own ship all the way across the ocean and I might add that we had a wonderful trip with no trouble whatever.

Iím not at liberty to disclose our stops on the way across but we crossed the equator three times and the international date line once.

If someone had told me a few years ago that Iíd be where I am today Iíd have told them they were crazy. So far weíve see some of the most historic spots in the Pacific war.

One of the spots I hit yesterday is an island that Freddy Chait was on. In his next to last letter to me he told me that Manny Feigin is here where I am and Iím going to find out if heís still here.

Thatís about all for now so Iíll say goodbye

Love Avy

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